Spyware Profile for Alibaba Toolbar

Alibaba Toolbar is an Internet Explorer toolbar which inserts itself into IE as a Browser Helper Object.  This spyware will monitor your Internet activity in an attempt to capture specific keywords that are typed into search fields.   This information will be sent to the domain download.china.alibaba.com.  Alibaba Toolbar can silently download and can even execute arbitrary potentially harmful files. It will run each time your launch Internet Explorer and has the capability of updating itself.

You can remove this malware by using a safe and trusted spyware removal program such as SpyZooka.  SpyZooka has the ability to remove Alibaba Toolbar without difficulty at all.  Do not try to manually remove it, as you may damage your computer.  SpyZooka is the best choice for spyware protection.

Also Known As:
Adware.AlibabaTB,  Alibaba Adware-AliToolbar, AliToolbar

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
bar.dll, update.exe, bar.dll

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  1. Nadine Marquez says:

    I started to use SpyZooka 3 weeks ago, when my computer was infected with AliToolbar and I found the removal tool here. It is the best choice ever!

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