Spyware Profile for Bloiscom Dialer

The Bloiscom Dialer is a subversive malware that makes unauthorized changes within the computer’s modem dial-up settings. With these changes in place, it tries to facilitate connections with expensive pornography-related or international phone numbers. These connections are then exploited to hijack the internet browser and download unrequested illicit content to the computer.

Bloiscom Dialer need not remain in effect on a computer, however, with reliable anti-spyware options available on the market. One of the most effective is from ZookaWare, and it is called SpyZooka. SpyZooka is able to effectively identify and remove all forms of malware, and the company offers a free scan to see if Bloiscom Dialer or related programs are present.

Spyware Name:
Bloiscom Dialer

Also Known As:
Blois Com Dialer,
Blois ComDialer,
Blois Com.Dialer

Spyware Type:
Porn Dialer

Associated Files:

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  1. Amber Parkes says:

    SpyZooka found several malware that other free and paid for anti-spyware didn’t catch.
    This great tool effectively stops spyware and malware and does not slow down your PC when performing a scan.

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