Spyware Profile for Bushtrommel

Bushtrommel is a Remote Administration Tool or RAT. It may feel like a real rat sometimes as this pest will weasel its way into your computer. Some of its capabilities include being able to start up your machine remotely. It can take screenshots and therefore retrieve highly sensitive information from you. It can port direct and perform scripting. This is a malicious and dangerous program that has no place on your computer or on anyone else’s for that matter.

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Also Known As:
Win32/Bushtrommel.122.Server Trojan,

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

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  1. Irvine Thomas says:

    I am using Spyzooka’s services for some time. the last day, it found Bushtromme. I had to read something about it, and this is the only site it has a description. Thank god it remove it immediately.

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