Spyware Profile for Ciadoor

Ciadoor is a backdoor program and it allows an attacker to gain unauthorized access to your computer. These programs are very dangerous because you can lose precious confidential data to the attackers. They can gather the sensitive data in a variety of ways. They can capture keystrokes, take screen shots of your computer and can add or change files.

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Also Known As:

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
Counter-Strike-Source_Cheats.exe, DOREEN.EXE, explorer..exe, haha.exe, my nude pic.jpg is my life for miamii.exe, Nutten-Ripper.exe, Outerinfo-1440.exe, Rapget.exe, scvhost.exe, server builder.exe, svch0st.exe, 1f16e0f1.exe, 3a10ab8c.exe, c8cafe32.exe, server builder.exe, spoolsv.exe

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