Spyware Profile for Cyberspy

This program is a serious threat. It is a Commercial Key Logger program. There is currently one jurisdiction that it is illegal to use this program without the knowledge of the user of the computer. And, the Federal Trade Commission has order Cyberspy to halt software sales. There are programs out there in existence so your computer could still be at risk. Keylogger programs are able capture and log keystrokes in order to monitor your computer activity. It can also take snapshots of your desktop and can keep track of instant message conversations.

Remove this malicious program with SpyZooka. SpyZooka has the ability to get rid of the Cyberspy for good.

Also Known As:
Cyber Spy

Spyware Type:
Commercial Key Logger

Associated Files:
client 1.3.exe,
install.exe, server.exe

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3 Responses

  1. Giuseppe Moris says:

    Whenever I do a spyware/adware/virus scan and restart my computer, the explorer.exe file won’t load. I run the task manager and find that it is in there but it won’t load up when the computer starts. I am able to hear the music that it plays when it starts up but the only thing I can see is the desktop background with no icons or start menu. Also, when I do the scans, suddenly my task manager gives me the error “task manager disable by administrator”. I found a forum online that told me what to copy/paste into “run” but when I do a spyware scan, it shows up as ” Cyberspy”.
    With Cyberspy Remover my computer is working fine now, without installing windows..

  2. Mark Newman says:

    I didn’t know it is a virus. I downloaded it and my anti-virus did not detect it. I was using it for some time, until a friend told me what this program does. I wanted to remove it, but it was impossible. Your site was a real help for me, because without it, I didn’t know what else to do.

  3. Tommy J. says:

    SpyZooka is a great software to use in the fight against keyloggers like Cyber spy. With such a great program it is always a piece of cake keeping a system clean!

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