Spyware Profile for DaCryptic

DaCryptic is a serious threat to your system. It has a variety of very dangerous functions. It is a keylogger and worm and also has Trojan abilities so it can enter your system via email. This was first detected in 2001 and is still a problem for computer users. Removal of this malicious threat should be a high priority. Your confidential information is at serious risk.

DaCryptic can be removed easily with SpyZooka. SpyZooka has the ability remove all manner of malware quickly and painlessly. If you are wondering if your computer is infected, you can try SpyZooka with a free scan. Then you can decide whether or not you wish to invest further.
Also Known As:
Da Cryptic,
BackDoor-OB, Bck/DaCryptic,
Win32/DaCryptic trojan

Spyware Type:
RAT (Remote Administration Tool)

Associated Files:
dacryptic.exe, simple_verc.exe

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  1. Lara Ross says:

    If you need good antispyware software get this, SpyZooka saved my system plenty of times in the past and even stopped Backdoor.DaCryptic.

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