Spyware Profile for Daosearch

Daosearch is an adware program which will embed itself onto your computer via your Internet Explorer browser.  It adds a toolbar to your browser window and will infiltrate your Internet settings and change them.  This action will result in a continuous changing of your Internet Explorer homepage.  Not only is this frustrating, it is harmful to your computer.  You are vulnerable to additional malware if you fail to remove Daosearch.

Removal of Daosearch can be done quickly and efficiently through SpyZooka.  SpyZooka is a trusted and safe spyware remover from ZookaWare – leaders in the industry of anti-spyware.  You will no longer have any problems with spyware on your computer or your money back.  This is the guarantee that SpyZooka offers its customers.

Also Known As:
Dao Search

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
svchost.exe security.exe svchost32.dll

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