Spyware Profile for DeskProxy

DeskProxy is a backdoor Trojan horse and it runs as a proxy server. This malicious program will allow hackers unauthorized access to your PC. These hackers have the ability to turn off your anti-virus program and can run undetected. These programs work very hard to get your personal information and can do a variety of things. They can capture keywords and can take screen shots of your desktop. You are at serious risk with this malware on your system.

To feel secure again you can invest in a secure and effective anti-spyware system. SpyZooka is an excellent choice in anti-spyware and it will eliminate any and all spyware currently on your system. In fact, you can keep SpyZooka and run it from time to time to keep your PC completely safe.

Also Known As:
Desk Proxy

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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