Spyware Profile for DestructBot

Destructbot is a backdoor and Trojan program. The good thing about this malware is that they are not self-replicating and are not able to spread themselves to other computers. This nasty program penetrates your computer and then allows access to your computer by a hacker. This hacker will now have access to your computer and as a result access to all the information that you would never want to share with a hacker much less anyone. Removal of this program is highly necessary.

You can remove this program, Destructbot, with ease with the right spyware remover. Look no further than SpyZooka. SpyZooka is a product from ZookaWare. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and will get your computer running smoothly in no time.

Also Known As:
Destruct Bot

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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