Spyware Profile for Dialpass

Any computer infected with the Dialpass dialer faces the hijacking of its modem. Dialpass dialer commandeers the modem of a computer and forces it to repeatedly dial expensive access numbers for illicit content websites and service providers. These unwanted connections are then used to download adult content to the hard drive of the computer without the user’s knowledge or consent. Malware like Dialpass can also make undesired changes to the Internet Explorer web browser, as well as other parts of the computer.

The Dialpass dialer does not need to remain a problem for a computer user, however, as long as they are wise and choose to utilize a reliable anti-spyware system to identify and remove this kind of malware. SpyZooka, which was created by the ZookaWare company, offers a money back guarantee on its services. SpyZooka also allows a free, no-obligation initial scan so that computer users can determine whether or not their machine has been infected with a dialer or other malware. This service readily prevents unnecessary purchase of the product.

Also Known As:
Dial Pass,

Spyware Type:
Porn Dialer

Associated Files:
No associated files currently available.

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  1. John Bart says:

    I was infected two times this week with Dialpass. This is so annoying and I don’t want to think about the phone bill… I hope to get rid of it soon.

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