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EngageSideBar and Cookies

Upon your first visit to infected sites, Engage.SideBar will be downloaded onto your computer.  It is an adware program that will add a toolbar to your Internet Explorer browser.  It will also add tracking cookies to your computer.  A cookie is a piece of data that identifies you as a unique user.  This is to track information about your browsing habits and preferences.  With this information, Engage.SideBar will begin sending targeted advertisements to your desktop.  This is not a useful program and should be removed from your system as soon as possible.

A trusted spyware removal program such as SpyZooka can get rid of Engage.SideBar without any problems whatsoever.  SpyZooka has been in the industry for years and boasts the best guarantee in the business – 100% spyware removal or your money back.

Also Known As:
Engage Side Bar

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2 Responses

  1. Brian Garcia says:

    About a couple of weeks a colleague had a problem with internet connection (with FF and with IE), local network disk worked and all intranet (vnc, vmware, imap email) worked good, but browsing was impossible. Note that we left the pc always on because during the night each programmer pc rebuilds our projects.
    After a reboot everything re-worked correctly.

    The day after he had the same problem. After a week, other two pc started having the same problem, the other still works good.
    I recommend SpyZooka, because this is the one I’m using at home, and now it’s working fine and the license is the cheapest.

  2. Linda Verga says:

    I’ve started to use SpyZooka’s services after I was infected with Engage.Sidebar. Since then, no issues. These people are saving a lot of my time and money.

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