Spyware Profile for GameBar

GameBar is an adware toolbar.  It most likely infiltrated your computer as part of a bundled software package.  This is quite typical of adware and spyware programs.  This malware will display unsolicited advertisements on your desktop. It may also have the capability of spying on your Internet activity.  It may gather information about which sites you like to go to and what kinds of things you search for on the Internet.

No one likes to feel like someone is monitoring them.  You can combat this by getting an anti-spyware program that will clear out all of your spyware.  SpyZooka is such a program.  It comes from industry leaders ZookaWare, and they are so certain of SpyZooka’s efficacy that they offer a 100% spyware removal guarantee or your money back.

Also Known As:
Game Bar

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