Spyware Profile for Hacarmy

The Hacarmy backdoor program is a malware that creates a secretive avenue for hackers to use in accessing a user’s computer for unwanted (or even illegal) activities. There may be no initial indication that the user has lost control of the computer until the damage has been done. Hacarmy should be removed from any computer found to be infected with the program.

The Hacarmy backdoor malware can be readily removed with the use of a strong anti-spyware security program. One of the most recommended is SpyZooka, a creation of the ZookaWare company which offers money back guarantees on its service in seeking out, confirming, and eliminating malware such as the Hacarmy program.
Also Known As:
Backdoor Hacarmy,
Hac Army,

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No associated files currently available.

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