Spyware Profile for Horseserver

Horseserver is an adware program that has many purposes.  It will hijack your browser, meaning you may have requested to go to a certain website but are then redirected to a site that you did not request.  Horseserver can also get into your Internet settings and change them, including setting a different home page.  It can also make it nearly impossible for you to change it back to the original setting.  Horseserver is implemented into Internet Explorer as a Browser Helper Object.  As an adware program, you will begin to receive numerous unwanted advertisements that come directly to your desktop.
Your solution to this annoying problem is SpyZooka – the trusted anti-spyware program that has been used by thousands of satisfied customers.  SpyZooka will get rid of your malware and get rid of it fast.

Also Known As:
WindUpdates, Horse Server

Spyware Type
:  Hijacker,  Plug-in

Associated Files:

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2 Responses

  1. Lamar Spoe says:

    This adware was driving me nuts…I’ve uninstalled it dozens of times but it continued on and on and on…. Maybe I do something wrong, but I don’t think so… I hope you could help me…

  2. Radmund Claus says:

    I had tons of pop ups on my computer and one of them sais “warning computer infected with adware scan now”. I never click the pop up. Even my internet homepage was changed. I didn’t know what to do until someone told me about SpyZooka. Thanks to your help, I have a clean computer 🙂

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