Spyware Profile for JimmyHelp

JimmyHelp is a Browser Helper Object that will hijack your Internet Explorer settings.  It will tamper with and change your homepage and redirect your search queries to sponsored sites.
JimmyHelp is malicious software that is designed to gather information about you to serve its own purposes and the purposes of their advertisers.  With this personal information they have gleaned from your computer, they will send you back targeted advertising according to your preferences and browsing habits.
It is highly recommended that you remove this malware with SpyZooka as soon as possible.

Also Known As:
Jimmy Help, jimmyhelp,
Browser Helper Object.jimmyhelp,
jimmyhelp.Browser Helper Object,
remove jimmyhelp, remove Browser Helper Object.jimmyhelp,
remove jimmyhelp.Browser Helper Object, jimmyhelp removal,
Browser Helper Object.jimmyhelp removal,
jimmyhelp.Browser Helper Object removal,
jimmyhelp removal tool, Browser Helper Object.jimmyhelp removal tool,
jimmyhelp.Browser Helper Object removal tool

Associated Files:
Spyware Type: Hijacker

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One Response

  1. Mark Sanchez says:

    Excellent program!
    My computer contracted JimmyHelp a few days ago and SpyZooka removed it right away.
    Thank you for the big help!

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