Spyware Profile for MyPageFinder

MyPageFinder is a junk plug-in and is a nuisance to your computer.  It is a browser hijacker that changes Internet Explorer default home page and will also change your search pages to web sites on the mypagefinder.com domain. This adware will run each and every time you launch Internet Explorer.
MyPageFinder infiltrates your computer without your permission and often without your knowledge.  It is necessary to remove this software from your computer as soon as possible.  You should use a trusted anti-spyware removal system such as SpyZooka to take care of this problem for you.  SpyZooka has the experience and expertise for ridding computer users of their spyware problems.

Also Known As:
My Page Finder,
MyPage Finder, My PageFinder

Spyware Type: Hijacker Plug-in

Associated Files:
MyPageFinder/ML’s filename is ml_32.dll.
MyPageFinder/ML1’s filename is ml1_32.dll.

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