Spyware Profile for SystemSvr

SystemSvr is a browser hijacker, and it will use Trojan exploits to install itself onto your computer.  SystemSvr will hijack your browser and redirect you to sites that you have not requested.  To make matters even worse, SystemSvr will generate a warning tell you that you have been infected with spyware and that you should go to one of their sham security software sites.  This is all in hopes that you will buy their junk software.
This is terrible malware and it should be removed right away from your computer.  SpyZooka is up to the challenge.

Associated Files:
cicache.exe, usbcontrol.exe,
oplmsb01.exe, pxconsole.exe,
command32.exe, ghoststartservice.exe,
apel.txt tyd.exe, mlfbuddy.exe vbseli.vbs,
tmtmtsr.exe, rpcxsocsa.exe,
ntsysman.exe, msuser32.exe,
syssv.exe, recruit.exe, qopz.exe,
mscarrt32.exe, msjp32.exe, rlx6dob6.sys,
systemr.com, wys.exe, orderreminder.exe,
windvrhost.exe, wpc54cfg.exe, spyshredder.exe,
p2pnetwork.exe, repeatld.exe, msnaupdater.exe,
hpsebc08.exe, cpbrwtch.exe, tip2d002.exe,
scrgrd.exe, wgavm.exe, zdhgsp.dll, javaapplets.exe,
msconfig16.exe, uptodate.exe, ctsrreg.exe,
winspykiller.exe, quickinstallpack.exe,
icondesk.exe, pcfix2k.exe, mhs.exe,  frmwrk32.exe

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