Spyware Profile for ZippyLookup

The ZippyLookup toolbar operates on the same premise as many other spyware toolbars – through the direct attachment to the computer’s web browser, usually Internet Explorer, ZippyLookup hijacks the use of the internet.  It may operate as a link to monitor all internet usage on that machine, from websites visited to searches completed.  It can also manage and influence any search results initiated through this toolbar, affecting the results rather dramatically.  It can also direct undesired advertising related to the internet activities of anyone on that computer.

ZookaWare has created a well-respected resource called SpyZooka, which is perfectly suited for the identification and removal of spyware toolbars like ZippyLookup and others.  SpyZooka offers guaranteed service and has a distinguished track record of success in this area.

Also Known As:
Zippy Look Up,
Zippy LookUp,
ZippyLook Up

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No associated files currently available.

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