SysIdle — SpyZooka Will Take Care of It

I would like to tell you about an experience I had. One day I started getting a bunch of pop-ups. I didn’t know where they came from. I was getting so many pop-ups it was hindering my ability to do anything else. My computer slowed down, and so did my Internet speeds. I couldn’t take my computer behaving like that so I started to do some research to see what happened and what I needed to do to fix this problem.

I learned I had SysIdle, which is adware, on my computer. Until now I had only heard of adware and wasn’t really sure what the term adware meant. Since I know there are others out there like me who have heard the term, but are unclear as to its meaning, I am going to share the basics of adware. Adware is a program written to force advertisements on you. These advertisements usually take the form of pop-ups, but can also take the form of pop-unders, floating ads, toolbars, and redirection of home page and searches. Many adware programs have an added spyware component. This means they gather information on you and pass it on to an outside source. As far as adware is concerned this is usually your web browsing habits, which get passed on to advertisers.

I found out that I would need an anti-spyware program in order to remove SysIdle. I was disturbed to learn that most anti-virus programs only remove 80-90% of an infection leaving you still infected. That was not good enough for me so I kept looking. That is when I found a program called SpyZooka that gives a 100% removal guarantee. So much better than what I had previously found. If the 100% removal guarantee wasn’t enough of a motivation for me to get SpyZooka, the awards the program has won for being superior was just the added push I needed. After running SpyZooka, the pop-ups were gone and my computer returned to normal.

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