TempDat.BHO Information

TempDat.BHO was first released on April 12, 2005. It has made multiple updates and revisions over the years and still causes problems for computer users today. It is a browser plug-in adware program. It installs using random files in the temp directory, which can make it hard to detect.

TempDat.BHO can hijack your browser and download other adware programs onto your computer. This is in addition to the advertising function that all adware programs have. All this causes a great drag on your computer. It will run slowly, particularly when searching on the Internet. In many instances, the computer can become very unstable and crash or freeze up.

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Relative file contents:

%profile%\local settings\temp\dmcavaj.dat
%profile%\local settings\temp\pilitu.dat
%profile%\local settings\temp\cpxe.dat
%profile% = c:\documents and settings\user

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