The Developers of Winweb Security are Thieves and Liars

When I first got infected with Spyware Guard 2008, I thought it was maybe a real antispyware program.  I came to find out later that it was not a real antispyware program, and even worse, that it was spyware!  After what I had found out, I felt lucky that I was only out $70.

Okay, I admit it, I like free stuff.  Who doesn’t, really?  I was downloading a movie on one of those P2P file sharing sites.  Suddenly, an alert screen popped up and told me that Spyware Guard 2008 said that I was infected.  I thought that was kind of weird, since I didn’t have that program.

I was relocated to the Spyware Guard 2008 home page.  There was a scan going on, and it told me that I had thousands of spyware files on my computer.  I was getting kind of panicky looking at it.  Thousands???

After that was done, Spyware Guard 2008 told me that I needed to buy its full version to clean my computers infection.  I didn’t want to pay at first, but I gave in and bought their program after I couldn’t get away from the page.

After getting it and using it, I decided Spyware Guard 2008 was junk.  I never stopped getting pop up advertisements and my computer was acting clunky.  It became a normal thing for my browser to crash.

I complained about this to my friend.  He told me that Spyware Guard 2008 was the problem.  He said that it was something called a rogue antispyware tool.  Basically, it pretends to be an antispyware program to scam people out of money.

He looked shocked when I told him that I bought it.  He told me that I was lucky to have only lost what I paid for the program.  He had heard that some people were having all their money taken by programs like this.  By the time all was said and done, I felt pretty stupid.

I asked him what I could do about it.  He suggested calling my credit card company and the FBI to take care of the possible identity theft.  He also mentioned that I probably didn’t want to tell them how I caught Spyware Guard 2008 in the first place.

As for the Spyware Guard 2008 infection, he suggested that I get SpyZooka to clean it up.  He used it, and said that it really was the best thing out there.  He showed me their Web page.  Obviously, I don’t know much about spyware and all that stuff, but I’m a business person.  When you’re partnered with the BBB, you’re good stuff.  The five star ratings helped, too.

What really got me was the 100% removal guarantee.  I asked Bill (my friend) how they could do that.  He said that they had a robot scanning the Internet and that it nails the spyware right when it comes out.  Basically, within a couple of minutes of a spyware coming out, I would be protected from it.

I liked that idea, so I bought the SpyZooka program.  It got rid of Spyware Guard 2008, and I haven’t had any problems since.  It really doesn’t get better than 100%.

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