Trade Exit Information

Adware/TradeExit is a software application that displays advertisements on your computer.  These can be in the form of pop-up or pop-under windows, toolbars, links, or buttons on your PC.  These pop-ups are solely for the purpose of adware creators to earn money when users click on these ads.  Adware/TradeExit has been known to include code that tracks your browsing history and pass it on or sell it to third party advertisers without your consent.

Because Trade Exit runs on Windows startup it can be quite annoying.  If you have tried some of the free anti-spyware programs but find that that Adware/Trade Exit still exists, this is because many of the free programs don’t remove malicious threats in their entirety.  If you want to be certain that you remove all traces of spyware on your computer, go with SpyZooka.  Not only has it been rated #1 in spyware removal, if they can’t remove spyware from your computer, it costs you nothing.  What have you got to lose?  Get your free scan today.

Also Known As:


Adware.Adpopup, Adware-TradeExit,


not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.TradeExit.a, Winupie
Trade Exit file contents:




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