Trojan.Win32.WinSpywareProtect – One of Many Rogue Anti-Spyware Programs

If you have been online long, more than likely you have heard of spyware. This type of software can do really bad things to your pc, and can be a threat to your online security. There are anti-spyware software programs made specifically for this problem, but there are many rogues out there as well. Beware of programs like Trojan.Win32.WinSpywareProtect. It is a fake, and should not be used. Keep reading for the information you need to know to protect your computer and your identity while online!

Spyware is software that secretly installs itself on your computer. You usually have no idea that your pc is affected until you begin to see the symptoms. What are some of these signs? Sluggish performance, an invasion of pop-up ads, and locking up or “freezing up” are a few of the more common symptoms. You may also notice that your browser contains things that weren’t there before, or that your homepage has changed.

There may also be threats to your online security, because spyware tracks what you do when online. This software has access to the sites you visit, the searches you perform, and even personal information such as passwords, account numbers and credit card information. If you do much of your business online, your identity can be at risk.

Getting rid of spyware requires using an anti-spyware software program. Though there are many available, there are just as many that are fakes. Trojan.Win32.WinSpywareProtect is one such program. Rogues like these will throw aggressive ads at you, in an attempt to convince you that there are security threats, viruses and other parasites on your pc. They hope you will panic, and purchase their product. It is a total waste of your time and money, and may in fact cause more damage.

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in traffic on the internet. With this growth, criminal activity has also increased. People create these fake software programs in an effort to extract money from innocent people. Be cautious, and never download or click on anything that pops up on your screen!  These types of software can change the configuration of your computer, and it is sometimes extremely difficult to return it to normal.

What should you do if you find that you are a victim of spyware? Purchase and install a reputable anti-spyware software program as soon as possible. These programs are designed for this purpose, to clean up parasites and protect your pc from security threats. Although many are available, most aren’t effective enough to eliminate the problem in one scan, so purchasing a second program is usually necessary.

Spyzooka is one exception. This software works with the first scan and completely rids your computer of parasites, viruses and other threats. Spyzooka is exceptional – it is the most highly recommended anti-spyware software available. People who have used it would not use any other program! As for the fakes like Trojan.Win32.WinSpywareProtect? Don’t trust them, period.

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