Understanding BHO.akn Adware

Most people don’t really know what adware is, nor do they really care until it affects their computer. When adware takes over your computer all you want to know is how to get rid of it IMMEDIATELY! Do you understand BHO.akn adware? Understanding the concept of adware and what it works, will help you detect and deter potential problems on your PC.

Everyone at some point in time has seen adware, but most do not realize the damage it can cause on your computer. Adware can take on many different forms:

  1. Pop up ads
  2. Free Ring tones
  3. Browser toolbars
  4. “Smileys”

Not all adware is malicious. Some developers create adware as free promotion tools for their products and services. While most of these promotions never actually convert to sales, it is a way to advertise for free. In some cases advertising comes bundled with “freeware.”  This is when advertisers offer you something for free as long as their ads are displayed. This type of advertising is not bad, as long as you understand you’re agreeing to it.

On the flipside, when malicious adware code is attached to advertising, this could be a big problem for the PC user. The code will keep track of user activity and copy it. This could include banking information, credit card numbers, and passwords – just think of your online activity, now think if someone else had access to this information.

You can protect your computer by simply investing in anti-spyware software. Spyzooka is #1 when it comes to completely removing spyware. There are dozens of other programs available, but if you want to clean your PC in its entirety, go with a program that has proven results. What have you got to lose except a little spyware?

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