What Is Your PC Saying About You and BHO.ajm Adware Protection

Have ever wondered what your computer would say if it could talk? Some people keep the PC’s updated, run the recommended checks, and keep it nice and shiny as the first day the got it, while others do the exact opposite. The screen is dirty, there are crumbs between the keys, and it’s just a mess inside and out. Have you ever stopped to think: What is your PC saying about you and protection from BHO.ajm adware?

When you neglect your computer – not doing recommended updates, not cleaning up old files, and carelessly downloading programs from unknown sources, you are putting your computer at risk and possibly opening the door to unwanted adware, spyware, and malware infection. Most of us work hard and we value every dollar we make, so we want to make sure that items we purchase will last, but not everyone.

If you are one of those people who slack on computer maintenance, take note of the damage that adware can cause:

Adware can track your browsing activities – the different types of ads you click on, the searches you performed, even the bookmarks you make.

More aggressive types of adware force you to look at websites and other advertisements because it diverts your searches to specific web pages.

If you are not sure what adware is, here are a few signs that let you know your computer may already be infected:

  • When you open your web browser to perform a search and something else comes up.
  • If you notice new shortcuts or icons that you did not create.
  • If your searches make no sense, i.e. the results are not what you wanted.
  • If new pages open by themselves.
  • If your computer is extremely slow loading for no apparent reason.
  • If you have slacked on maintenance in the past, you can still correct the problem before it adware does further damage. Invest in a spyware removal program and clean up the mess. This is the only way to completely remove spyware, so your computer will start saying nice things about you.
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