3X Backdoor

3X Backdoor is a program written by Polish hackers. If you become a victim, these hackers have nearly total access to your system, including private data such as passwords. Other confidential information is also at high risk, and this trojan is also capable of modifying the software and hardware settings. This essentially means that the hacker can control your computer from a remote location.

3X Backdoor may also install additional malware on your PC, which puts your computer and personal information at even higher risk. It may also affect the stability of your computer, causing it to become severely damaged. To remove 3X Backdoor, you may elect to locate and remove all related files and values in the Windows registry, however this is not recommended because of the level of difficulty. To remove 3X Backdoor and all other parasites automatically, use a reliable antispyware program such as Spyzooka to restore security and protect from future threats.

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