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AccessPlugin was first discovered in June of 2003.  It is distributed by a company called Ngd DCON, a known creator of Dialers, which has gone under a number of different aliases in different countries.

AccessPlugin, as most programs of its type, is installed on your computer by an ActiveX drive-by download.  It has also been seen to be manually installed in some cases.

AccessPlugin attacks your computer by hijacking your computer’s dial-up modem.  Invisibly, it then exploits it to call premium phone numbers instead of your usual ISP to the tune of $1.08 per call every 16 seconds.  The server is an online show called Quiz TV.  This results in enormous phone bills.

AccessPlugin also serves as a component for other Internet parasites.  Trojans, such as Backdoors and Downloaders are usual culprits, as are Worms.  It provides the connection to the server for them, typically by IRC technology.  It also comes bundled with other Dialers.

If you discover that you are infected with AccessPlugin, you should remove it immediately with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:
no known aliases

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
\system\ dp0.dll
\system32\ dp0.dll
Key: clsid\{50f2ff7f-50f2ff7f-50f2ff7f-50f2ff7f-50f2ff7f}
Value: @

Key: CLSID\{d8efadf1-9009-11d6-8c73-608c5dc19089}

Key: SOFTWARE\WebDialler
Value: date

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  1. Dorian Jay says:

    This little goody started popping up today on my computer and I was not sure what it is. When I went into the control panel to locate and remove, I could not locate the file. My av didn’t found it, I saw that with a free scan with SpyZooka. I’ve decided to use this program and it helped me a lot, because I am not so sure that I could resolve things by myself.

  2. Freddie Wong says:

    I have used Spyzooka for several months and it detected AccessPlugin and many spywares I got from the internet. It is great!

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