Adialer is a generic description for a variety of dialing programs that connect to various locations through the modem of your computer. Most of the numbers dialed connect to pornographic websites, and since the calls go through the modem instead of being routed through the default ISP, these calls may be charged to your telephone bill on a rate-per-minute basis.

Adialer programs often install through questionable files you may download, or websites you visit. They may also come from the sharing of P2P files. If Adialer is detected on your computer, it means that files that are associated with some malicious dialer programs have been located.

Adialer should be removed to avoid further risks to your PC. While you may attempt to do this manually, this action is not recommended due to the possibility of severe damage to your computer. Adialer and other malicious software may be removed by using a reputable antispyware tool like Spyzooka, which automatically detects and removes parasites by performing a simple scan.


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  1. Medea Pole says:

    Hello, bought a license for your antivirus tool and I must say it was totally awesome! It cleaned Dialer.Adialer which was a real pain in the ass for the last 8 months and it also found and killed Virtumonde together with all its files and a few other low level infections. I was already thinking about formatting and losing tons of information when I found your tool on the internet.

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