Adware Puper – Even the Name Sounds Like Something You Don’t Want!

You may believe you have adware such as Puper installed on your pc, but do you really understand what it is and how it works? Adware is an abbreviation of sorts for advertising software. Are these programs desirable? Absolutely not. There are no benefits, and most of the time there are risks associated. The following information will help you understand how these malicious software programs work, and what you should do about them.

Adware usually installs itself on your pc without your consent or knowledge. Where does it come from? Most of the time it comes through with another file you download, although you don’t realize it. Sometimes it can come from another website you visit, particularly if you have to click some sort of authorization button to get on to the website. You will know that you have it installed on your computer when you begin seeing the signs. Just what are they?

Usually the first thing you will notice is an alarming rate of those annoying pop-up ads. Sometimes these may be pop-under or banner ads as well. These advertisements are usually related to your online browsing activities. Other symptoms of adware are a changed homepage or changes in your browser. You may also notice that your pc has become sluggish or slow.

How can these ads possibly be targeted to you? Because advertising software such as Puper has the ability to track your online habits, the sites you visit, etc. It knows what you are looking for, so the ads are related to your interests. This is sometimes done in an effort to get you to purchase the product in the ad. Don’t click on these ads or download anything. You could possibly make things worse.

Getting rid of adware software like Puper should be your first priority. These programs could possibly gain access to your passwords and online business information. Is your pc showing symptoms of malicious software? If you suspect Puper is installed on your pc, click here now for a free scan!

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