Adware.MediaInject low risk is still a risk and vulnerability.

Adware.MediaInject is a very low risk type of adware that pops up advertisements on to your computer screens and on toolbars and task bars. These adwares have certain characteristics that one might want to check on so that they can see if indeed their computers have been infected. Although these are not high-level threats, it is still important to keep your computers clean and free of these types of adware such as Adware.MediaInject because negligence such as this can cause bigger problems in the future. Characteristics are that these applications display advertising in an intrusive or unethical manner. Many Adware programs download and display pop-up or pop-under ads (which appear in their own browser windows) while the user surfs the Web.
More malicious programs display ads even when the user is not surfing the Web, and some Adware programs are difficult or impossible to uninstall without a removal tool or anti-spyware program. Certain applications, like file-sharing programs and media players, are ad-supported, meaning they are offered to the user at no cost, but will display ads in order to earn revenue. These programs often state expressly that they are ad-supported, and it is the user’s decision to use such software. Ads are most often displayed in Web browser windows. If the user experiences ad windows popping up at random, ad-related links appearing alongside the results of Web searches, or un-requested Web pages loading and offering a product, the user’s computer is likely infected with Adware. These are some useful characteristics, warnings and precautionary measures that one can make in order to avoid having such adware in to your computer. It is not a matter of if these can gravely harm your computer systems, but the fact that other people have been able to send in and infect your computer means that there is vulnerability on the part of you computer and that there is always potential risk involved.

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