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Have you noticed an increase in pop-up ads and other forms of advertising on your pc? You may be a victim of OnWebMedia or another advertising software. These programs are not only irritating; they can be a very real threat – to your pc and you personally. Why is it even on your computer to begin with? Here are a few answers that will help you get a clear picture of adware and what it can do.

Adware is simply software that installs itself on your pc. This may happen when you are downloading another program. Sometimes these malicious programs ride through or “piggy back” on other programs you are downloading, without your knowledge. Some aren’t really a huge concern, while others carry high threat risks. In any event, the best thing you can do is to remove it from your pc.

What are some of the things you will notice if you have it installed? Targeted pop-up and banner ads are a huge clue. Adware can track what you are doing online, so the ads you receive will often be related to information you have been searching for. Other signs that your pc may be infected are a sluggish performance and changes to your homepage or browser. You may also notice that your computer seems to “freeze up” or get stuck.

The worst thing about adware programs such as OnWebMedia is that they sometime access your personal information. Business accounts, credit card information and passwords are not even safe. In fact, you could become a victim of identity theft. Now do you understand why removing this software is urgent? Even though you may not be at risk, don’t take the chance. Take care of the problem with a reputable anti-spyware product. These software programs scan your pc for threats and viruses, and then remove them in order to restore your security.

Have you noticed any of the above symptoms on your computer? If you believe you may have OnWebMedia or other malicious software installed on your pc, click here for a free scan.

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