Antivir64 Is A Lie

There is this relatively new wave of malware programs on the Internet that can be called corrupt security tools. Similar to the Windows Antivirus virus, this is its own form of spyware that not only will infect your computer with malignant software, it will also try to scam you out of your credit card information. Antivir64 is one program of this type.

These programs use a new method of transmission called website infection. In short, infected websites are websites that have buttons that will download malware on your computer. Typically, these websites are geared towards pornography and online gambling, though they will also have fake security software home pages.

You can also get infected by these programs if you get into peer to peer file sharing and downloading pirated software and media. The allure of these practices is to get free versions of programs, movies and music files, usually. These practices are clearly defined as illegal, so they carry the risk of legal action. Along with that risk, would be Internet pirates run the risk of infection by malignant software of all types, particularly rogue security programs. It’s simply not worth the risk to be a pirate.

Often an infection from a website or a download will lead a user to the corrupt software’s home page. Unfortunately, no matter where a user gets infected from, there’s no sure way of knowing beforehand if you’re in danger of infection. That is, unless you already have good security software installed. Chances are, though, if you wind up on one of these pages or get infected from a download, your security software is not good enough.

There is usually nothing telling about the content of a webpage to distinguish it from a real one. Sometimes, they are merely mirror pages of legitimate pages. The difference comes when you click a button to initiate a download.

The first thing that will happen is that a pop up appears and shows you a rapidly increasing number of “infected files” that are on your computer. It looks pretty scary unless you know that it’s really just counting your temporary files. These are completely benign files that show your browsing history.

The next thing is that it will tell you that for an exorbitant price, you can download their virtually useless software to clean up your problem. Of course, you probably didn’t have a problem until it gave you one, so why would you want to use their program to fix it? Besides, if you do, they may very well take a whole lot more money than they asked for the program. Now the dilemma: It doesn’t seem to take “No” for an answer. Turn off your computer now and get software that actually works.

Malware always seems to be one step ahead of the security tools. I created ZookaWare PC Cleaner to fix that problem. We are the only antispyware company that can offer a 100% spyware removal guarantee. We can do this because we have a bot that does nothing but search the Internet for new malware definitions. Within minutes, we have a fix. No one else can say that.

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