Who can you trust? Not Antivirus 2009!

So you’ve finally gone out and plunked down lots of your hard earned cash for that dream computer system you’ve wanted for a long time. It’s loaded with that fast processor, gigabytes of RAM, a mega mega sized hard drive, an HD monitor, and it’s all put together in a drop dead gorgeous case.  What’s the first thing you do? Let’s hope it isn’t to download Antivirus 2009.

As tempting as its name is it is no more than a lump of coal all dressed up and just waiting for you to download it.

What is Antivirus 2009? Antivirus 2009 is a fake antivirus exe program that wants you to believe that it is the best of all security programs.  In reality, its sole purpose is to sell you another security product. That’s right, it’s a rip-off.

Often referred to as Rogue Security Software this program and its counterparts are really just a way of getting you, the owner of the latest and greatest in computer technology, to purchase their software.

Once installed and run for the first time the program leads you to believe that your system is so infected with virus that the only way to fix it is to buy their software program. This is done using deceptive tactics and outright lies about what is on your computer.  Should you get trapped into this sales tactic and purchase their program what you all too often receive is the promised software AND additional bundled malware that has other purposes: none of them any good.

Here’s how you get sucked into the Antivirus 2009 rip-off. You have downloaded a particular codec for viewing certain files. This was downloaded from some site you’ve never been to before and most likely will never view again. Or, someone at work has told you about the latest in geek ware, it’s a program you can’t live without so you get the URL and download it. Attached to it is the Antivirus 2009 utility.

There you are enjoying your new computer system and up pops a warning window saying your computer has been infected and asks you if you would like to scan your system for additional problems? You click Yes and watch as your system is scanned. Surprise, surprise your brand new system has more infections than you ever thought possible.

So many, that this handy dandy free program simply can’t clean your system. You need the big gun, a software program that you have to buy.  They gotcha’.

Most frustrating is that most of the infections reported to you through your scan don’t exist. That’s right while you may, or may not, have a virus infection you don’t have anything nearly as bad as they would want you to believe.

Beware, before you download any files or software make sure that it’s from a trusted company that has won legitimate awards like Tucows, Cnet or from PC Magazine. And even better is to check out if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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