AskBar.a – Ask and You Will Receive (adware!)

AskBar.a is one of those things you wish you’d never heard of. It is an adware program that secretly installs itself along with several others, and proceeds to make your computer one big billboard. Its aim is to get you to click on its advertisements, which it hopes to have targeted to your surfing habits by virtue of spying on them. It looks at where you go, and then serves up ads that it believes may be something you’d be likely to click on, whereby they then make money. Usually the ads are nowhere near targeted, and the fact that you didn’t ask for them in the first place and that you now have an intruder spyware on your machine should be all you need to know to go about trying to get rid of AskBar.a.

Some of the symptoms you’ll encounter when you get an infection of AskBar.a or others like are a significant slowdown of your system, to the point where it will simply use up your entire available RAM, causing you to have to shut down and reboot. When you do, guess what is still ever-present? That’s right, AskBar.a! It also will hijack your browser, display unceasing popups of its choosing, (often pornographic) and will be allied with other more harmful spyware applications that can and do make it their business to steal as much sensitive personal information as they can get, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and more.

Getting rid of AskBar.a is not as easy as simply deleting files from your system. First of all, there are many, and they are well-disguised. You would almost certainly miss more than a few, which would be the same as doing nothing. AskBar.a would still be there in the morning.

No the best way to rid your machine of AskBar.a is to use a trusted and proven antispyware software solution like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and can get rid of AskBar.a a great deal easier than you can!

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