Atlas.e – Why In the World Would You Want To Mess With This One!

Mama said there’d be days like this, when programs like Atlas.e come over to play and wreak havoc on your computer. Atlas.e and others like it can and do bring a lot of damage and grief too many people’s lives and businesses, all the while purporting to be offering you a benefit. The truth of the situation is, however, that Atlas.e and other will come in and virtually take over your computer, hijacking your browser and delivering up popup advertisements that you neither asked for nor desire.

You’d definitely need an atlas if you were to try and get rid of a beast like Atlas.e all by yourself. Adware programs like this don’t lend themselves to easy eviction, as you would most certainly find out should you be foolhardy enough to attempt it. My advice is: don’t! You might spend days or weeks trying to find all traces of Atlas.e and all the buddies it brings along to your computer, and at the end of the day you’d be no better off than when you started! Even if you managed to get the lion’s share of the files associated with Atlas.e, you would undoubtedly miss a few, allowing Atlas.e to reconstitute itself on your next bootup, (which would be soon, as programs like this are infamous for devouring system resources to the point where all that is left to do is reboot!)

Moreover, if you’ve left this un-dealt with for even a short amount of time, there may be more than Atlas.e to deal with at this point. The same exploit that allowed Atlas.e in can be used by other, more harmful spyware and fraudware, some of it with disastrous consequences.

No, do yourself and your system a favor and get a legitimate antispyware software solution like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It will rid your machine of every trace of Atlas.e, and get your computer clean again!

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