Aureate.c – Another Pesky Adware Application

If suddenly you find your computer awash in a sea of ads, and your browser is seemingly not of this world any longer, you may have contracted a case of adware or spyware, and if you’re very unlucky, it could very well be a pest like Aureate.c that has come to play, and believe me this guy is no fun!

Aureate.c belongs to a clan of well-known adware programs, and Aureate.c is a clone of all the ones that preceded it in infamy. Aureate.c gets into your system either by means of hopping aboard a Trojan that is making the rounds, such as Vundo or Zlob, or it can come to you courtesy of a bad video codec file or ActiveX driveby install. Aureate.c manages to install itself on your machine without any help or permission from you and in the process opens up very wide backdoors into your computer system, allowing your information to be siphoned off to third party servers whose only intent is to sell your information.

They may offer up ads, but what they are really after is the ability to sell info about you. This is why programs like this are so dangerous in the first place. They may seem rather innocuous at first, with all the popup ads they generate, but the real harm lies in the ways your system’s security is compromised.

Attempting to remove Aureate.c from your machine is problematic as well. Aureate.c is very good at hiding itself within your system files, and give instructions to your system to reinstall after it has been seemingly deleted. This along with the many files it leaves all over your computer makes manual removal a Herculean task.

If it’s me I’m opting to use trusted antispyware software like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. This one comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and always gets their man (or spyware)!

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