Axexx CHM No Match for Spyzooka

Browser and search results hijackers have been popular for a long time now. Spyzooka has seen Axexx CHM make the rounds before. It’s a search results hijacker that creates a hole in your security settings and downloads a CHM file compressed with malware on your computer. Axexx CHM is usually downloaded through the Active X control with a media file.

Axexx CHM is not something you want to keep on your computer. The problem with Axexx CHM is that it opens the doors for any of their greasy friends – or should I say 3rd party affiliates. This search results hijacker is dangerous because it monitors all your browsing habits and reports them back to a main server. The more time it has on your computer, the more spyware you will be infected with.

If your computer is running slowly or you have experienced crashes, Spyzooka will scan your computer and see if there are any problems associated with Axexx CHM or any other type of spyware. So many programs out there only have a small database that is updated by computer techs. These people work hard trying to keep up with all the information out there, but it’s hard. That’s why Spyzooka employs a robot that systematically combs the Internet 24/7. Otherwise, we would never be able to stand behind a 24 hour guarantee of 100% removal. There are only a handful of anti-spyware companies that have invested in this technology. We are based out of the US and have unrivaled customer service.

If we don’t remove problem on the first scan, you upload the scan and email it to us. Customer service responds immediately with confirmation of the email. You will receive the necessary updates within 24 hours. This is unheard of with most anti-spyware programs because they just don’t have the technology to support this.

For only $29.95, Spyzooka will protect you for the whole year. If you choose to renew, the price remains the same. To see if Axexx CHM is on your computer, try a free scan now.

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