Backdoor Killer

Backdoor Killer is a Trojan that remotely controls the user’s PC. Backdoor programs allow the attacker to take over your computer, often using it for malicious purposes. Backdoor Killer also allows the hacker to delete or disable system files that are needed in order for your computer to work properly. You won’t know when Backdoor Killer has been installed, as it hides undetected in the background. If Backdoor Killer is installed, you will soon recognize common symptoms such as a slow running computer, annoying pop-up ads, and occasionally browser redirection.

Backdoor Killer may install additional malware on your PC, which uses up valuable system resources and memory. To remove Backdoor Killer manually, you must first kill all associated running processes. Then you will have to detect all related files and values in order to delete them. Manual removal is a risky and potentially harmful procedure. To remove Backdoor Killer automatically, a reliable antispyware program such as Spyzooka is recommended to quickly remove all traces of parasites and infections.

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