Beware of Advanced Privacy Guard – Here’s Why

Just about everyone who has a computer has probably had this problem: Pop-ups that inform you that you have a virus, threat or spyware on your computer. Advanced Privacy Guard does this as well – and it will try to take your money. Don’t fall for it.

One day you are surfing on the net and everything seems fine. The next, you may have all kinds of pop-ups such as advertisements and programs trying to get you to buy their product to rid your computer of viruses, threats, etc. Most of these pop-up programs that send you into a panic about the health of your computer are going to add even more malware and spyware!

Programs like Advanced Privacy Guard are very convincing. They promise you that by purchasing their program you will be completely free of any viruses, spyware, etc. It’s all a hoax in order to get your money!  There are many fake programs similar to this one, so beware. Never buy programs that pop up out of nowhere, or that you didn’t search for yourself.

You may wonder just how you get viruses, malware and spyware on your computer to begin with. Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything at all and you will be infected. Other activities like simply browsing, surfing the net, and downloading a program or ebook from a site you liked is all that it takes. These days, you must be overly cautious about the sites you visit and what you do while you are online.

Having an anti-spyware program is important. Every site you visit is stored on your computer, as well as passwords and personal information. Privacy is important to most people, and criminals will do everything possible to get this information. This is why you should have a reliable anti-spyware program, but you must choose carefully.

Advanced Privacy Guard is a hoax, pure and simple. Of course it isn’t the only program of its kind that will take your money and leave you with no protection, and possibly more spyware. Your best line of defense is to check online and see if you can find information on programs that others have used, and what their opinions are. You can also find helpful information in online marketing discussion forums. Simply search for “anti-spyware” in Google, and you will get plenty of information.

With more and more people going online every day, there are also more people who are out to do damage and make money. Criminals are abundant online, and protecting your private and personal information is crucial. While it is impossible to protect your computer from every virus or spyware program that comes along, you can do your diligence and make sure to surf safely.

Now you know never to download Advanced Privacy Guard. Find an anti-spyware program that has a good reputation and don’t fall for a fake program like this one!  They will take your money and more than likely leave your computer in worse shape than before.

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