Beware of AdvancedXPDefender

You may be scared of your computer having malicious software (malware) but do not count on AdvancedXPDefender to take care of this for you.

First of all, you will know when your computer has a malware problem. Your computer will slow down drastically and you will be hit with a ton of pop up ads. You may also find out that your homepage on your web browser has been changed without your authorization. All of these are signs of a malware problem.

However, AdvancedXPDefender would like you to believe that you are always at risk. They will try to convince you that you could have malware lurking on your computer without your knowing. However, malware will never just hide out unknown. You will figure it out.

You will be approached by AdvancedXPDefender through a pop up ad warning you that your computers security is at risk. These rogue antispyware programs will do anything to get you to try their free trial or free scan. The use of fear is the biggest tactic used to lure computer users into trusting these programs. Little things will be added to make you trust their program. Often, these programs are made to look just like your computers operating system so that you believe that your computer may really be at risk.

However, once you download the trial version or click ok to their free scan, your computer will automatically grant access to the AdvancedXPDefender to download their own malware onto your hard drive. Once downloaded, the AdvancedXPDefender will give you several security pop ups that warn you that there are threats present and will offer to get rid of these so-called threats by purchasing their full version of their program to remove them. AdvancedXPDefender cannot remove or detect malware. This program will only download their malware onto your computer.

Once downloaded, the biggest problem is that your secure information is at risk here. Anything you type in, such as your credit card information can be logged and sent back to the programmers of this scam to gain more profits at your expense.

So, in order to protect yourself and your computer, you must remove this software immediately. You can try to delete the files you suspect to be causing the problem, or attempt to just hit the uninstall button on your computer but neither attempts to remove AdvancedXPDefender will work.

You are going to have to call on the experts to get rid of this malware. This is because the malware hides in temporary files and will rename itself to appear to be an important part of your computers operation. Spyzooka has had so much experience with removing these programs. With their 100% guarantee you can be sure that their experience will pay off when you get their help with the removal of your malware. Forget wasting time trying to delete the program yourself. You will just be frustrated with the remaining files that you cannot get rid of. Plus, it’s just not worth the security risk. Let Spyzooka take care of it for you so you can rest easy.

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