Burn the Witches! The Witch Hunt That is Spyburner

Spyburner preys off of the fear of computer users. It’s a rogue security tool that provides false warnings about harmless files on your computer. Its goal is to have its hands in your pocket.

Spyburner hides out on infected websites. Most of the time, these websites are centered on watching videos for free in spite of copyright violations. That, at least, is their appearance.

The reality of the matter is that behind each video player icon is a Trojan Downloader disguised as a video codec. When you click on one of these infected icons, you download the Downloader program and are told that it’s a video codec.

Once the Downloader is in place, it downloads the Spyburner infection. This rogue tool needs a manual installation normally, but the Downloader program takes care of that part.

The first thing you see is a pop up warning saying that your computer has a spyware infection. Spyburner then transports you to its home page, and you get a fraudulent scan on your computer. It will always show a terrifyingly massive infection.

Spyburner will then tell you that it’s the only program that can remove your problem, when it’s the actual problem. It will tell you that you have to download the full version to do this. We’re talking a relatively huge chunk of change.

The full version of Spyburner is a computer scanner. That’s it. It doesn’t remove any infections. If you bought it, you paid for the worst kind of lemon program.

Even worse, now that they have their hand in your pocket, the developers of Spyburner have the ability to take more, much more, of your money. In fact, they can clear out your account. Sadly, there’s little that can be done about it.

One thing that Spyburner is right about: Once you see it, you need a new antispyware program. You don’t need their software though; you need something that really works.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is just the program for you. Our updating process is second to none. That’s why we have the 100% removal guarantee.

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