Could You Have BHO.amz on Your Computer?

BHO.amz is spyware. Like many spyware applications, it sneaks into your computer without your knowledge and can be quite a pest. Regardless of whether you have BHO.amz installed on your computer or one of its pesky cousins, there are a few signs that signal the presence of BHO.amz and other types of spyware. By knowing the signs, you can take steps to get rid of unwanted spies that lurk inside your system:

Sluggish computer performance. If you notice that your computer is suddenly running slower than usual, chances are that spyware has crept in and taken over your computer.

Abundant pop-ups. This is a tale-tell sign that you’re living with spyware. These pop-up may appear as soon as you log onto your computer, and you may see them when you’re online or off.

Additional toolbars on your computer. If you suddenly see new toolbars on your computer that you did not install, spyware is the culprit. Spyware can download toolbars and icons without your permission.

Redirected URLs. If you type a URL into the address bar and you’re redirected to an unrelated site, chances are that spyware has become your navigator.

Different homepage. Did you know that spyware can change your settings? If your home page or search page settings have changed without your assistance, an unwelcome guest has ventured into your computer for a little redecorating.

Sudden increase in crashes. Spyware infects your computer and can cause it to crash. That’s why you need to know the signs of spyware intrusion and how to rid your computer of it.

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