Dangers of Getting Infected With Wintol

Wintol is an adware program and a Trojan thought to have originated in the Czech Republic. This program is particularly dangerous and should be removed immediately upon discovery.

All adware programs such as Wintol deliver third party advertisements, usually in the form of pop ups. Damage occurs to your computer when the volume of these pop ups is such that your computer’s processing speed is severely bogged down and its stability is compromised.

As mentioned, Wintol is also a Trojan. All Trojans are sheep in wolves clothing, in that they appear to do something helpful when in reality they are actually carriers of malicious code that can, in extreme cases, cause permanent damage to your computing system.

Wintol is classified as a high risk program because it is capable of taking snapshots of your screen and logging your keystrokes, meaning that all of your passwords and financial information are at risk. Wintol most typically uses stealth installation, so that you may not even know you have it, and is very difficult to remove in the event you actually discover its existence before it causes major damage.Manual removal is possible, but again, is very difficult. This difficulty is due to Wintol spreading its installation files all over your computer, including your critical system folders. Deleting files in these folders puts the user at risk of accidentally removing a critical system file that your computer needs to operate. Any Wintol files missed means that it will simply re-install itself upon reboot.

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