Do You Have Abetterinternet on Your Computer?

If that headline didn’t get your attention, how about this? Your computer may be playing host to software that creates advertisements on your computer seemingly without your knowledge or permission.  This is done via pop-ups or hotlinks and is sometimes known as Adware. Among the better know forms of adware is the infamous Abetterinternet.

What is Abetterinternet? It’s a malicious adware, program with the ability to monitor what’s going on as you use your computer. Scary isn’t it. These Abetterinternet programs can literally instruct your very own computer what to do, monitor where you go, and how you get there. Basically, this seldom seen executable program infects your computer.

Your computer may already be infected. For now we want to take a closer look at this little varmint and what it does.

Adware, or as it is sometimes referred to advertising supported software, is a small program which, when introduced to your computer can track your viewing habits,  collates those habits with the sponsoring company, and  then displays on your computer via pop-ups, products similar to those you are looking at.

You should know that not all adware is badware. In fact adware has been an integral part of many reputable programs that users install on their home computers. It is one of the ways that those shareware programs you use are paid for.

If you’ve ever downloaded and installed shareware you most likely have given permission for that software to install adware. That’s right, you gave permission for this type of software to be installed on your computer. included in the user agreement you accept when installing these programs is that you give permission for adware to be a part of your installation.

One of the more benign forms of this type of software is the reminders you receive when using software for a free trial period.  “You’ve got 10 days before your trial runs out, order today” is an example. This is adware at work.

No, the type of software we’re referring to are those adware programs like Abetterinternet that quite literally commandeer your computer.

This program is a hacker’s delight. All they need to do is get the program to your computer (not as hard as you may think), have their own program running on their server that monitors your activity then simply relate your interest to one of their customers.

Once your information is collected there’s no telling the roads it will travel. Just think about your last Google or Yahoo search. You enter a search topic and there you are page after page of places to go. How much time in a typical week do you do just this sort of activity? If you’re at all like the average user you do this type of search a lot.

Each site that you visit is collected. Each page of that web site in noted.  For all the good legitimate adware has brought us, you need to be aware of their downside, Abetterinternet is one such animal.

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