Don’t Be Fooled By PC Antispy

PC Antispy will not hesitate to destroy your computer.  Now that computer users have become so aware of the ability of a virus or Trojan horse to ruin their computer and lift their identity, scammers are taking advantage of this.  This is exactly what PC Antispy does.

You may be browsing on the Internet when you encounter this rogue antispyware.  This type of malicious software (malware) is a new generation of scam that is swarming the Internet.  These programs will present themselves as a malware scanner and remover, when they are actually luring you into downloading their malware without knowing that you are doing so.  These programs cannot and will not remove or scan anything.  However, they will put on a pretty convincing show for you.

When you encounter this program it will be in the form of a pop up ad.  However, these programs are good at what they do, so they will appear to look similar to many operating systems and look very legitimate.  These pop ups will warn you that your computer may be or is at risk of very dangerous malware.  PC Antispy will offer to give you a free scan of your hard drive to determine which programs are harmful, if any.  However, once you click ok to this free scan, your computer will be allowing this program access to your hard drive.

So, while PC Antispy looks like it is scanning, it will actually be downloading its own malware onto your system without you knowing it.  You will view a screen that has elaborate graphics that look like a scan is taking place.  Many times, the scan will bring up common file names because the program writers know that you are likely to recognize these programs.  Other times, they may not even exist.  Either way, they are going to show you results of harmful programs in order to persuade you into purchasing the full version of their program to remove these so-called dangerous programs.

Just in case you were wondering, you cannot have malware and be unaware of this situation if you pay any attention to your computer.  When you become infected with malware, your computer will slow down and you will be bombarded by pop up ads.  Your Internet home page may even change without your consent.  These are all apparent signs that you have a malware problem.  And, once you install PC Antispy, you will begin to notice all of these problems.

The biggest problem, of course, is the keylogging programs that most of these rogue antispyware programs have.  These allow programmers to have access to whatever you type into your computer.  Any online purchases you make will allow them to store your credit card information.  This is their biggest source of income.

So, play it safe.  Spyzooka can ensure that they remove all malware from your hard drive.  With their 100% guarantee, they will get to work on your computer and put an end to the destructive PC Antispy.

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