Don’t ClickTheButton

The world is moving to the Internet for all of its shopping needs. Unfortunately, adware creators know this. ClickTheButton is one piece of adware that they have created. If you get infected with it, then you need some help to get rid of it.

If you have noticed any icons in your taskbar tray, especially ones that look like little targets, then you have probably been infected by ClickTheButton. Sometimes, there may even be multiple icons in the tray.

As I said before, ClickTheButton is an adware program. It is designed to deliver pop up ads whenever you go shopping online. More specifically, whenever you visit an online store that ClickTheButton is associated with, ClickTheButton will generate a list of prices from competitor sites.

The pop ups that ClickTheButton delivers are given to you so that you can compare prices, or at least that’s what its creators made it for. But really, ClickTheButton isn’t as helpful as they think. It is just an annoyance to the shopping process. The pop ups that you receive are uninvited, and if you are visiting a site that ClickTheButton isn’t associated with, then you are redirected to ClickTheButton’s website. Doesn’t sound like much help, does it?

If you are infected with ClickTheButton, then you probably have a bigger spyware problem. ClickTheButton is installed by other spyware programs. So, about the only good thing about ClickTheButton is that it is a warning sign for a bigger problem.

In order to get rid of ClickTheButton, you need an anti-spyware program. While there are many of them out there, not all of them are equal. Some anti-spyware programs just don’t do a good job of removing spyware.

The best anti-spyware program available is ZookaWare PC Cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only anti-spyware program that is guaranteed to remove 100% of all spyware from your computer. So, if you want to get rid of ClickTheButton and all the other spyware on your computer, then ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the program that you want and need.

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