Don’t Trust Anti malwareguard

Anti malwareguard is leaving you at risk. Don’t be fooled by these cunning programs that will entice you to protect your computer from malicious software. This malicious software, dubbed malware by the tech savvy, is very dangerous to your computer. Encountering can be a huge risk. You will be prompted to do a free scan of your computer to check for malwares. The results of this free scan will always come up with lots of problems because the scan is fake and fabricated to scare you into buying their full program to get rid of any problems you might encounter.

Do not even try to get just the free scan, thinking that you can find out the problems for free, because you might be infected just from the initial scan. They do not need you to buy their full version, but it is definitely a plus for them to earn some bonus bucks. Just you clicking on a free scan will give them access to your hard drive. Their Trojan horses, programs that look like they have an intended function but actually are there for malicious purposes, are running rampant through your computer. Some of these programs can even keep track of what you are typing into your computer. This means, yes, even your credit card data or social security number can be lifted.

Antimalwareguard, Anti malware guard, antimalware guard: these programs are all the same, but with different names. Please proceed with caution whenever you are given the opportunity to scan your hard drive for possible infections of your system. These days, computer experts are not always to be trusted. They are good because they are able to mimic actual programs in order for you to trust that they are a reputable source. If something looks like it came from your windows program, it must be ok right? Wrong! If you want to scan your computer, buy some legitimate software or at lease do your research to understand the company its coming from. Usually, if you even do a Google search, you can find out which programs are ruining your computer. However, do not always rely on these easy search methods, because programmers are coming up with new names daily to avoid your research.

So, you succumbed to the fear that your computer might be in jeopardy. However, you can get rid of the malware. You can attempt to do this yourself, however because these files are well hidden and renamed, you may never catch all of them. Spyzooka can come in to regulate against these malwares that have been unintentionally put on your hard drive. The experts at Spyzooka give a 100% Guarantee. Spyzooka does not have a bunch of different names to throw you off or pop up ads to scare you. Spyzooka is just the real deal. It is ok that you have been tricked by the evils of the internet, but Spyzooka is your chance to make it right again.

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