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ZapSpot is an Adware program that is a legitimate part of the ZapSpot gaming software.  It delivers advertisements by pop-up and pop-under advertisement.  It does this both while using the software and when you’re not using the software.  The adware components will tend to slow down computer speed and compromise your computer’s stability.  Over time, this may cause more permanent damage to your computer’s files.

If you were infected with ZapSpot, you probably downloaded gaming software from ZapSpot.com.  In all cases of downloading freeware and shareware, you put your computer at risk for malware infection.  It is recommended that you remove ZapSpot and avoid downloading freeware and shareware.

ZapSpot Files:

PehPai.exe, zapspot.exe, colorbreak2.exe,
checks.030813-2044.log, checks.030813-2047.txt,
default.skn, new.reg,
outbox.zdt, p3ofrmgr.exe,
welcome to 55p3 marketing.txt,
welcome to p3 marketing.txt,
welcome tof p3 marketing.txt,
zapspot.comaboutprivacy.txt, zapspot.comaboutterms.txt,
zapspot.txt, {1dce3b3f-5f75-41ef-9f14-a1d5085b3cd8}.gam,
{a158403d-2060-4b17-8d76-595d77dd950d}.gam, zapspot.lnk,
zapspot.exe in Documents and Settings\UserName\application data\zapspot\,
latest.exe, zapspot.exe in Documents and Settings\UserName\my documents\my zapspot\,
zapspot.lnk in Program Files\Common Files\,
zapspot.lnk in Program Files\Common Files\accessories\games\,
c:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\ZapSpot,
c:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\ZapSpot\Games,
c:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\ZapSpot\System,
c:\Documents and Settings\ \My Documents\My ZapSpot,
c:\Program Files\Common Files\EverAd Shared
Registry Keys:

Key: ZapSpot.ZML,
Key: ZapSpot.ZML.1,
Key: ZapSpot.ZML.1\Shell\Open\Command,
Key: software\P3\P3OfrMgr\partners\0  Value: count,
Key: software\P3\P3OfrMgr Value: count

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