Errordoctor2009: One More Fraudster to Add to the List

One of the most difficult aspects about ensuring that your computer is protected against infiltration from malicious programs is the fact that these programs are constantly changing their names. You may have to remove programs like errordoctor2009 six different times, one for each of its differently named variants. This can be extremely frustrating if you are trying to maintain your system’s security manually.

Errordoctor2009, no matter which name it’s going by, is a rogue antispyware program designed to trick you out of your money. Users are infected when they visit infected websites, try to download video codec that is actually disguised malware, or via a Trojan horse program that has already infiltrated their computer and opened a security hole. Once installed on your computer, errordoctor2009 begins to initiate a series of scans, which appear to be identifying registry log errors and malicious programs which reside on your computer. After completing these so called scans, errordoctor2009 will then start a barrage of pop ups warning you that it has found malware and registry errors. It will claim that your computer is in serious danger – a problem which only buying the full version of errordoctor2009 can fix. Furthermore, it states that beyond removing these potential problems, the full version of errordoctor2009 is also capable of then optimizing your computer’s performance. Sounds good, right?

Here’s the kicker: The scans utilized and the lists of malware and errors generated are completely fabricated with the sole intent of scaring you into buying the full version of the product. Your computer does have malware, but the malware present is errordoctor2009 itself (and perhaps the Trojan it may have gained entrance by) rather than any item on its list. In fact, errordoctor2009 has actually been known to list critical system files as errors, and if you were fool enough to allow it to “clean” your system, you may very well be giving it permission to delete files that your computer needs to run properly. So much for PC optimization!

Errordoctor2009 can be removed manually by deleting its running processes, registry entries, and associated files, as well as unregistering its DLLs. This process is time consuming and can be potentially dangerous as the accidental deletion of a file that your computer needs to run will leave you far worse off than before. Also, if you miss any one file when trying to delete errordoctor2009, it will simply reinstall itself upon reboot.

Fortunately, there is no need to waste time chasing programs like errordoctor2009 around. The wise consumer would simply invest in legitimate security software that will do that for you. This is why we created ZookaWare PC Cleaner, the number one antispyware tool available. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only product available that guarantees removal of 100% of all spyware currently on your machine, while simultaneously preventing future attack. We are so sure that you will love ZookaWare PC Cleaner’s service, that we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Don’t waste time trying to keep tabs on every new variant of spyware that gets created. Instead, let ZookaWare PC Cleaner do what it was designed to: keep your computer malware free 100% of the time!

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