Exposing the True Identity of PC Privacy Tool

Spyzooka has been around for long enough to see every spyware hoax out there.  In some cases, the programs have gotten very creative in ways to rob you and steal your identity.  In the case of PC Privacy Tool, their forte seems to be persistence and pressure and the good old fashioned pop-up.  If you have came across a pop-up with the following message, keep reading:

“PCPrivacy tool may find dangerous traces that need to be cleaned. Don’t let your privacy and reputation to be ruined by them. Making your private information public can cause problems with your boss, family, or friends. Click ‘ok’ to start PCPrivacy tool scanner to remove compromising traces and setup controls to protect your privacy by cleaning or removing dangerous information.”

Be prepared to click this off every 2 minutes until you buy.  If you decide to purchase, you will get added bonuses like having all of your private information sold to 3rd parties, or getting your Internet hijacked and icons, tool bars, and search bars added without your permission.  Be on the lookout for sent emails that you never wrote.  Your private information is now shared with PC Privacy Tool.

How did the infection occur?  Most likely through known questionable sites.  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “you don’t get something for nothing?”  This couldn’t be more true in the world of Internet.  Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities and questionable sites with free porn, gambling site, and even email attachments.

Don’t let this program’s forthcoming lack of creativity lure you into thinking that just any old anti-spyware program will work.  The PC Privacy Tool is a brute.  People come to us after running up to as many as 5 reputable anti-spyware programs that can’t take care of the problem.

There are free services that will remove at least half of the files.  Many of our competitors offer a good service that will delete up to 90% of the spyware.  That 10% is just enough to keep the cycle going over and over again while you risk permanent physical damage to your computer.  Looking around the Web, I have found long lists of removal files for this program that are incomplete.  The manual removal is NOT a simple process on this one.

Spyzooka offers an excellent service that guarantees 100% removal of PC Privacy Tool in 24 hours.  You may be asking yourself what makes Spyzooka stand out from the rest, other than the guarantee.  Well, the guarantee is made possible through an extensive database of spyware collected by a robot who surfs the Internet 24/7, collecting spyware and analyzing it for their database.  There are only a few companies that have this technology out of hundreds and hundreds of reputable anti-spyware programs.

A program like PC Privacy Tool is easily eliminated because we have perfected the process of anti-spyware programs, and are one of the only ones around willing to offer you a 100% removal guarantee.  We can proudly offer you the comfort of safely surfing the Internet without any hassles.

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